The Hawai`i Innocence Project’s mission is to provide free representation to incarcerated persons who have a credible claim of actual innocence.

The Hawai`i Innocence Project does not charge for its services, is not for profit, and is staffed by volunteer attorneys and law students.

The Hawai`i Innocence Project can only consider cases in which the person:

  • Is currently incarcerated
  • Is serving a lengthy sentence
  • Was convicted in Hawai`i
    • (although they may be incarcerated elsewhere)
  • Has a credible claim of actual, factual innocence of the crime(s) for which the person is incarcerated
  • AND evidence potentially exists which could support the claim of factual innocence.
    • Note: For purposes of applying to the Hawai`i Innocence Project, “factual innocence” means that the person did not commit or participate in the crime. It does not include purely legal defenses such as self-defense, insanity, etc, and does not include sentencing, overcharging, or similar legal issues.


To submit a case for consideration, please download the application via the link on at the top of the page.


The Hawai`i Innocence Project

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