The Innocence Project: Unlocking Justice for the Wrongfully Convicted

The Innocence Project, a non-profit organization based at the Cardozo Law School of Yeshiva University, is dedicated to exonerating people wrongfully convicted through DNA testing and other scientific advances. It also works to reform the criminal justice system to prevent future injustices. The National Association for Civil Law Enforcement Oversight (NACOLE) and the Innocence Project have joined forces to combat wrongful convictions and improve police practices. The Innocence Project is part of the Innocence Network, a coalition of independently funded organizations that fight against wrongful convictions. It is also involved in promotional activities to improve the impartiality and accuracy of the criminal justice system.

This includes introducing improvements such as, among others, the adoption of fundamental procedural reforms to improve the accuracy of the identification of eyewitnesses, the electronic recording of all interrogations in serious crime cases in their entirety, the removal of all restrictions on post-conviction DNA testing, and the promotion of forensic scientific research and scientifically developed standards. By entering your phone number, you agree to receive periodic text messages from the Innocence Project. This important partnership and collaboration between NACOLE, its members and the Innocence Project, which includes the entire Innocence Network, will help push the nation towards a fairer and more reliable criminal justice process.

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