The Hawaii Innocence Project: Fighting for Justice and Freedom

The Hawaii Innocence Project is a 501 (c) (nonprofit) organization that works to overturn wrongful convictions and improve the criminal justice system. Established in 2004 at the Cardozo Law School, the Hawaii Innocence Project accepts requests from anyone who has been convicted of a crime in Hawaii and believes they are innocent of that charge. As a founding member of the Innocence Network, an association of independent organizations devoted to justice and freedom, the Hawaii Innocence Project provides a range of services to those who are currently incarcerated and believe they are innocent of their charges. The organization offers legal advice and assistance with filing appeals, as well as resources for those who wish to file an appeal “pro se” or on their own. The Hawaii Innocence Project also supports exoneration cases, which can take an average of 10 to 15 years before an innocent person is finally released.

Kenneth Lawson, of the Hawaii Innocence Project, emphasizes that people shouldn't have to wait in prison if they're innocent. In addition to fighting for justice and freedom for those who have been wrongfully convicted, the Hawaii Innocence Project also works to prevent future injustices in the state of Hawaii. Valuable community and taxpayer resources are wasted not only to convict the innocent but also to keep that innocent person in prison. To raise awareness about wrongful convictions, the organization provides resources for those who wish to learn more about this issue and how they can help fight for justice and freedom. The Hawaii Innocence Project also offers a text message service where you can receive regular updates about their work. As an example, Dana was visiting the Big Island from Virginia when she was wrongfully convicted of a crime on Christmas Eve.

The Hawaii Innocence Project fought for her freedom and she was eventually exonerated. The Innocence Project is not equipped to handle case requests or inquiries by email or phone. However, they are dedicated to fighting for justice and freedom for those who have been wrongfully convicted.

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