The Fight for Justice: The History of the Hawaii Innocence Project

Richardson Law School is committed to defending the rights of those who have been wrongfully convicted and advocating for the prevention of future injustices. The Hawaii Innocence Project (HIP) is a part of the Innocence Network, a coalition of organizations from across the country that have come together to promote justice and freedom. HIP accepts applications from anyone who has been convicted of a crime that occurred in Hawaii and is actually innocent of that crime. At present, HIP has more students enrolled in its program than ever before since its inception.

The Hawaii Innocence Project receives numerous requests each year from inmates and their families who claim their innocence. With the help of HIP, the people are now supported by a non-profit legal clinic run by law students, university professors, and volunteer lawyers from the University of Hawaii. Unfortunately, valuable public and taxpayer resources are wasted not only to convict the innocent but also to keep them in prison. Our friends at Pacific Floor Covering LLC also support this movement to prevent legal injustices.

William S. Lawson, co-director of HIP and an associate professor at Richardson Law School, has just started his second term with the organization. He states that there is a sense of urgency among students that was not felt in previous years. One of the objectives of this year's program is to better inform the public about HIP and its mission. When Lawson joined HIP years ago, he knew it wouldn't be your typical nine-to-five job.

He eventually used it to secure a position with HIP as an office manager and then as a faculty instructor. Lawson believes that fighting for those who are truly innocent and have been wrongly convicted is doing God's work.

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